Camp Info

Two kids holding puppiesCAMP SESSIONS

Our camp offers BASIC and ADVANCED training sessions. Our BASIC sessions are for beginning animal trainers with little or no experience, and our ADVANCED sessions are for experienced dog handlers who have mastered good dog handling skills and basic command training.

Dog training toolsTRAINING TOOLS

Our summer camp incorporates lessons and activities on dog behavior designed by Yale University’s School of the 21st Century and developed with renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan. Advanced sessions also utilize training skills and techniques developed by Kyra Sundance, a world-acclaimed Stunt Dog Show performer, celebrity dog trainer, and internationally bestselling author. Campers will learn critical skills that will help them in their interactions with people (and animals) in school, at home, and later on in the workplace.

Beagle puppiesCAMP PUPPIES

Our summer camp uses rescued puppies and dogs to provide a live, interactive experience with all sizes and breeds of canine companions. Animals participating in our camp are rigorously tested for temperament and safety when working in a group setting by a professional dog handler prior to being selected. Some camp sessions allow campers to bring their own dog, if their dog meets all camp criteria and standards. Our session descriptions provide information on opportunities to have your own dog join in the fun.

Group of dogsCAMP LOCATION

We have our best team searching for the perfect location for this year’s summer camp. We are looking for a place with spacious indoor and outdoor training areas, great walking trails, and easy access for working parents. Please check back for more information.