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Dogs & Kids Club (DKC) is a club made up of a fun group of young people and their pets who meet the first Wednesday of each month to learn new dog tricks and training techniques. This club promotes having fun with your dog and exists to enrich the human/dog relationship. Club members will be involved in special events, fundraisers, contests, and more to raise money for local rescue organizations, as well as awareness for the plight of unwanted, abandoned, and stray dogs. Kids must be at least 8-years-old, complete one session of Basic Dog Training at Animal Training Adventure summer camp, and demonstrate a working knowledge of proper dog handling techniques to qualify for membership.

Membership dues are $20 per year per child. Club membership registration forms will be available to campers at the end of each Basic Dog Training session. For kids who attended Basic Dog Training last summer, you can download a membership registration form HERE.

Dogs & Kids Club models the positive training philosophy of Do More With Your Dog!®, the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. Do More With Your Dog! focuses on teaching tricks in a step-by-step method using positive reinforcement techniques. A positive training philosophy helps club members and dogs develop joyful relationships based on trust, respect, and clear communication. The goal of Dogs & Kids Club is to teach its members to be well-trained dog handlers who accept the responsibility of owning a dog for its entire lifetime; who exhibit strong leadership and creative thinking skills; who show respect for authority; who demonstrate compassion and the ability to work as a team; and who are able to publicly perform as part of an All-Star Performance Dog Team. Club members will learn tricks and training techniques developed by Kyra Sundance,  a world-acclaimed Stunt Dog Show performer, celebrity dog trainer, internationally bestselling author, and owner of Do More With Your Dog!

Join the fun! Dogs & Kids Club is a great way to meet new friends, allow your dogs to socialize properly with other dogs, and learn how to train new and exciting dog tricks.