Intro to Dog Sports

Dog catching frizbee

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Introduction to Dog Sports

Today, the choices available in dog sports and recreation are nearly endless. Dog sports are a great way to keep active dogs and kids both mentally and physically healthy. All dogs need some amount of exercise, and many will thrive with the added thrill of a trained sport. This session will introduce campers to the wide world of dog sports, allowing them to test their skills and determine which dog sport is most enjoyable to them and their canine companion. This session will explore a sampling of dog sports, including strength training, obedience, competitive running, dock diving, flying disc, and agility. Training techniques and games will help campers determine how to match a dog’s energy with the energy required to successfully perform the sport.

Campers can choose to train their own dog for the Intro to Dog Sports session, or they can work with a rescue puppy or dog available at camp. Dogs must be able to focus on their owner and work around other dogs. Campers must attend one Basic Dog Training session as a pre-requisite to register for this session. Campers may bring their own dog to camp for this session, provided the dog is current on all required vaccines* and can be controlled appropriately at all times by its owner. Up-to-date medical records must be provided prior to bringing your dog to camp. For campers choosing not to bring their own dog, a camp rescue dog or puppy will be provided.

The session will also include DIY dog sport equipment construction projects and games. Session fee includes a t-shirt and all activities and materials. You will need to pack your camper’s lunch daily. Fee is $220 per child per week. Multi-session and family discounts available.

Pre-requisite: Must attend one session of Basic Dog Training and demonstrate ability to handle dogs properly prior to registering for Introduction to Dog Sports.

*Required vaccines are DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. No dogs under 12-weeks-old or without all vaccines are allowed. No dogs 6-months or older that have not been spayed or neutered are allowed.