Camp Info

Two kids holding puppiesOur camp offers BASIC and ADVANCED training sessions with great activities and lots of “hands-on” work with puppies…

Training Tools

Dog dishes, dog food, water, leashes, dog treats
Our camp uses lessons, activities, and training techniques designed by expert teachers, dog trainers, and animal behaviorists…

Camp puppies

Beagle pups
Our summer camp uses rescued puppies and dogs to provide a live, interactive experience…

Camp Location


This summer, puppy camp is conveniently located on north Meridian Road…

What we do

Girl holding puppy
The focus of this summer camp is to raise the next generation of happy dogs and informed, responsible owners. We bring kids and teens together with dog behavior experts and trained dog handlers to demonstrate the full potential of canine companions and their owners.


Why choose us

  • Newly developed training methods
  • Use of cutting-edge techniques
  • Work with rescued pups
  • “Hands-on” activities and training
  • Teach life skills using animal companions


Kids and teens will learn to recognize and use Cesar Millan’s nine core principles for creating a balanced dog and a balanced self.


Kids and teens will learn from a series of lessons developed by Cesar Millan called Dog Dialog. Dog Dialog presents a unique opportunity to teach young people effective ways to interact with dogs and how dogs behave in nature in order to better understand canine characteristics and behaviors.